Cambridge Bay Health Cancellation/Refund Policy

Our class sizes are regulated, with only a certain number of seats allowed, meaning we must hold our students to their commitment when they sign up. Because we are not refunded for payment processing costs for cancellation, be aware that all orders are subject to a MAXIMUM refund amount of 95% regardless of the amount of time since your order was created. The last day to cancel a class without additional penalty is the 14th day before the class start date. Refunds will be distributed by the number of days canceled before the class start date.

14 days+ = 95% refund
10-13 days = 75% refund
7-9 days = 50% refund
4-6 days = 25% refund
0-3 days = 0% refund

NOTE: If registering for a class 4 to 14 days before the class start date, and you need to cancel, you can request a 95% refund within 24 hours of registering. After that initial 24 hours expire, the cancellation policy falls into the abovementioned terms. No refunds will be given if registering 0-3 days before class starts or if you don’t show up (no-show) for class. In addition, we do not reschedule classes for anyone who cancels within 14 days of the class start date or does not show up to class.

Should Cambridge Bay Health need to cancel the class because too many students have dropped the class, the remaining students will get a 100% refund or use funds towards a future class. Students who drop out will receive refunds as per the timelines above. For any other reason Cambridge Bay Health needs to cancel, students can request a 100% refund.