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Cambridge Bay Health is a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) for the American Red Cross

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Cambridge Bay Health is a licensed training provider disrupting the industry status quo.

When it comes to our training programs, our students earn their certifications and have the confidence, knowledge, and skills to perform needed life-saving procedures. – Paul Wichert, VP & COO

When considering health and safety for you, your employees, and your business, you need a reliable training partner. Perhaps you are a seasoned, certified individual or have little to no experience in health and safety. Regardless of your current training, you must always use a trusted advisor—a quality educational resource that supports you and your team and ensures company compliance.

At Cambridge Bay Health, we’re serious about our training programs. You aren’t paying for the certificates; you’re investing in the 20 years of skilled teaching and medical experience offered by our expert educators.

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR, provides the ability to save lives. While CPR is typically associated with health care, many employers ask for their employees to be certified.

Learning to resuscitate is a skill you may carry throughout your life to use in life-threatening emergencies, like heart failure and respiratory arrest.

As a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) for the American Red Cross, our resuscitation instructors are committed to providing an appropriate, interactive curriculum as written and designed by the American Red Cross.

Our virtual and in-person classes offer an engaging curriculum experience. We provide the resources needed to help you or your employees pass their certification and, more importantly, gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to perform life-saving tasks confidently.


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Why Choose Cambridge Bay Health?

We understand that finding quality resuscitation training can be challenging. Often students are given certification without sufficient consideration for how capable or confident the trainee is with their newfound knowledge or skills.

When considering health and safety for you, your employees, and business, you need a reliable training partner.  Looking for the best training program takes time and research.

The students who complete our training tell us they are proud to earn their certificates. Still, more importantly, they tell us they feel capable. We proudly stand behind that level of quality education.

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